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 GW. 10/4/10

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PostSubject: GW. 10/4/10   Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:10 am

GW 10/4/10 – Saturday

Another GW another win but this time much more exciting with this GW the best on the server so far I would say against Slayer Souls. The usual happened we had the pole at the beginning of the flame lit and looked very much on keeping it tight at the start as lots of enemies and flame noobs would be at us, so every1 was in the castle and ready with a pretty strong team.

A lot of noobs were killed but weirdly no slayers came which made us think for a while all to notice that lots of slayers waters were just coming and GATE JUMPING inside then logging of. This of course alerted us to the plan of slayers strategy knowing they would be coming later and with their waters inside looking to give them a chance with their cheating.

So a few of us went to the bridge to try a stop any waters, and other enemies getting close to the gates as we know we had to control this problem. We managed very well and then slayers sent some of the big chars in to try and break through but we fought well to hold the gates and bridge still within the first hour.

And then it happened all of SLAYERS were at the boxer and came in at 19:00 server time and I mean the whole guild like all 360 of them LMAO they jumped on both gates and with their fires, Trojans, huge numbers and bots they went quickly to work at breaking the gates. We managed to last a few pole changes to stop them getting in but no luck as they were destroyer the gate far too quickly for us to change the pole and kill them off, so the gates were broken AND THEY WERE IN!

We knew we had to regroup and work hard if we were to save this GW as they had every1 in and all their hidden waters.

So we all went to work to protect the pole/change it and try to take out their waters to give us that lead.

And thankfully we did for the next 30 mins swapping the pole between legendary/Excalibur and all staying alive with some great work from the waters especially Burgeri who was on fire with the revving Gd work dude.

We also found Anubis and his team were just fogging, hercing and auto aiming to try and kill us around the pole which worked a few times but we were revved right away and able to stop them getting close to taking the pole.

It was nail biting stuff right to the end with the pole being taken and a full scale battle inside the castle it really was anyone’s GW to win. For the last 5 mins Excalibur had the pole and even though it was Legendary’s turn to win this week we wasn’t going to worry especially with Slayers all inside so we all camped next to the pole to fight off and attacks to the pole and managed to last to the end with a great win.

So it really was good work by all again as we was outnumbered and feel this sort of thing could happen each GW now so we need to be sharper and more determined than ever to win and make sure everyone can turn up if they can. The waters did great again but I did feel we lacked them this GW as slayers had so many but we got through and did ourselves proud once more.

Also remember to check the other posts on the forum about updates and make sure you are all entered into the Prize Draw at the end of the month to guys xD

Thanks *SCARFACE* Chris.
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GW. 10/4/10
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