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CO 2.0/Elements/Storm/LegenDary&YGOB. For all members of the best guild in storm to chat, trade, talk about the game and anything u want really.
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PostSubject: MEMBERS/ENEMIES!   Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:19 am

Ok as there was some guild swapping this week and members leaving, kicked, helping others etc....

So i want to clear things up. As you all know Azhure left Excalibur to join slayers with Oracl who i never trusted anyway, but hey.

Whats done is done so Azhure and Oracl left so there choice they will not be allowed back into the guild(s) again as we are starting a strict policy where if you leave or are kicked you will not rejoin as to many ppl are trying this and it messes up the guild stucture, and knowing who is enemy or not.

So once you leave, kicked thats it sorry, so make sure you are faithful to the guild and any probs talk to the GL, DL's about it.

So with them guys leaving alot of ppl were still friends with them, but she deleted me and i didnt even now the person nvm. So members in our guild were not killing them so were then kicked because of this etc..

The rule is if anyone is in Slayers the main enemy guild really they are your enemy if you are in legendary, excalibur simple. As they have choosen to join them they didnt have to join SLAYERS so they are doing it to fight us so they are enemy.
Therefore you should either pk them or like i do kick them from FL then rejoin them on another char if you want.

But if you dont help kill enemies especially at GW and an allie is getting killed you will be kicked for this.

So i hope this clears up any issues with members and friends in guilds leaving and stuff, as we cant afford to keep joining members if they leave cos they have the hump or their friend leaves make a choice for yourself.

You are in the guild as you have worked hard to be here and we are the best guild(s) in the server so its up to you guys if you want to be part of this, i know i do.

An exception can be made as some members will leave the guild for different reasons like they are on holiday, want to drain their char etc... PLZ LET THE GL or DL KNOW BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

Thanks for the ongoing help to make our guild great and hassle free!

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PostSubject: Re: MEMBERS/ENEMIES!   Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:53 am

pittiful, I left for work for a week, and everything changes tsk tsk. Azhure *smh* leaves us for a ass kissing slayer which I think is pretty stupid but oh well another bunnies to kill. Like I always I say "kill them all" Very Happy if thier guild name is red on thier head, then off with thier head =p coz if u dont kill them, it's only a matter of time before they kill you.
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