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 GW - 27/3/2010

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PostSubject: GW - 27/3/2010   Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:09 am

OK GW this week on the saturday and the last GW of the month before our exciting first legendary monthly prize draw (LMPD) which will take place this Thursday and prizes given out on the Friday.
Anyway back to the GW and with all the hassle of the last few weeks at GW everyone was looking forward to a proper GW with fun, enemies, and pole changes.

At the start of the GW it looked to be going that way with lots of slayers turning up early on with their usual amount of unlimited waters lol to keep the usual members alive.

But this GW saw legendary and excalibur have a full strength team with the majority of members from both guilds turning up, and even on a bad day for us we wouldnt lose so today was going to be very hard for slayers!

Alot of fighting was also going on at the GW conductors with jono on scarface at the time me on blade, as shadow ghost and scarface and others were taking the fight to slayers and having a GW of their own before the bridge as i can remember reving non stop in the first 5-10 mins with every member in the server getting killed lol.

Excalibur held the pole for the first 40 mins and i think there was more legendary chars at the gates than slayers trying to get their flame lol, but bombs were being used and the pole was switched into the first 40 mins of GW, as alot of fighting was going on at the bridge meaning the gates were being protected with excalibur on the LG, and legendary on the RG.

Once the pole was taken and every one had managed to take the first 9 Flame Lit's slayers were capitalising on us not being at the gates and doing our jobs as more members were interested in the exp rewards than the protecting of the gates.
So both gates were broken once i think with bombs and lots of reving and hitting and cheating from anubis and co...

After the hour slayers all seemed to have forgotten their user id and password lol as no one was on for the next 30 mins which allowed us to switch poles pretty quickly and allow friends, allies, noobs to complete their flame lit off with out much trouble.

The last 15 mins was then a bit more interesting with Slayers trying one more time with jack leading the way with the hercs and life river reving forever to try and keep slayers in it, but our team were to hot to handle and kept on top of their pressure pretty easy as we had a good amount of waters which are all now like 2nd rb and gd lvls so can survive much longer and with our imense fire power of troubles, azhure, mystical, and soul destroyer and the rest.... their waters cant even get to the bridge before getting owned.
Also archers are starting to appear with always makes the jobs easier for every1 else especially me as being a tro when the enemy is stunned by the arrows the FB is so much easier Smile

So the last 5 minutes and the GW was all but over with a gd from both guilds and we had time to have some victory poses near the pole to also allow me to see all members who came again to then be entered into our LMPD this week.

Great job again guys and maybe soon we can do some mini-gw against each other to make the GW's a bit more fun for all. Enjoy the pics and hope to see you all THURSDAY 1st APRIL for the draw on prizes. i will put another post about it on the legendary part of the forum ok.

Thanks chris Smile

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PostSubject: Re: GW - 27/3/2010   Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:47 pm

yeaaaa we totally own them good this week Very Happy. But I manage to have some of my own Fun the few hours before everyone gottten on and the main GW begains. Slayer held the pole at first untill the few of us that was there that i remember was , stylish, mytical, killerboy, Burgeri, tendy, and myself on both chornic and Shadow taken on Gane, anubis and thier MILLIONS OF WATER! lol it was crazyy. However we was able to break thier gate and gotten in. This show how much lack of skills slayers are to all sit at the pole like an idoit. So all I pretty did was race up toward the pole and Fog the whole crowed then zap all of thier water one by one as stylish and I take out gane, then I finish off anubis and we taken pole. A few mins later Trouble log on and following the rest of the crew and Slayer never got the chance to take pole again Wink

I would like to thanks Killaboy and Burgeri and i think there was another water who was there to help us take the pole through that Hellish battle.
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GW - 27/3/2010
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