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 Recruiting for the guild

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PostSubject: Recruiting for the guild   Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:48 am

Well had another suggestion thought i would throw out there. We are very overpowered atm which is a good thing but as far as the guild accepting more members i think this idea may work well here as this is another one from my old guild. There was a special area of the forum that only visitors can see if you were not a member of the forum this was the only part u could see, and if you wanted a chance at joining u asked the dep's if one felt u had a chance they would give u the link to the forum. You would write an application following carefully stated rules on what information to put in your application (such as all members that think them entering would be a benefit, char bp and lvl) If the information was done correctly (proof they follow directions well) Then the guild would have 3 days to vote on another thread that visitors cant see on if we all think that person would benefit us in the guild listing reason for or against the possible new comer then of course based on votes it would then come to troubles decision. If you were lucky enough to get voted in then next time the dep was on he would message the newly voted in member and join them to the guild. If you lost the vote you had 6 months before you could try again.

Unify was a very strict guild that has been around for quite a while. It was alot of stress participating in such a guild but fun too! I miss alot of the structure and order that Unify demanded and alot of their workings have worked out well for us on dreams which is why I post their ideas here.

P.S. Jack sparrow also came from dreams where we owed him there too! Which is why he came here. Me and Jasco were all to willing to be on the side against him again. In dreams he wasn't shit couldn't even dream of winning a guild war and was in no way a guild leader there. He was a high lvl archer and got sick of dying all the time lmao. Just thought I'd share some info on him. So if you want to piss him off tell him he has no chance like he did against Unify and pwnzyou (our legendary and excal lol) he will proly shit that you know that xD
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PostSubject: Re: Recruiting for the guild   Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:04 pm

Well I got to say...I like the idea
So all the members got a say in it.

And this you get a *Elite Guild*...with active players.

Nice too hear that of Jack...we will surely use it against him. Twisted Evil Laughing
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Recruiting for the guild
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