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 GW REPORT FOR: 27/2/10

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PostSubject: GW REPORT FOR: 27/2/10   Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:20 pm

OK long report lol as im pro at this stuff.

SO Flame lit started at 18:00 server time & excalibur had the pole we had alot of numbers from both guilds and both gates we heavily armed with defense for oncoming attacks from enemies and the flame litters.

Strangely Slayers all jumped on the LG and broke it b4 we could re-take the pole and it was open for a gd 30 seconds before we repaired it so alot of ghosts got in mainly Jack Sparrow so not a great few minutes into GW.

After this we was bombarded with attacks from slayers with their 2000 lvl 70 waters keeping their main chars alive, as every1 was getting their Flame lit out the way to then focus on the GW. The pole was swaped 4 or 5 times in the first 20 mins with non stop reving, killing and action in this GW.

30 Mins into GW and Slayers started to slow down with all our members doing the 9 Flame lit and focusing on the gates and pole with a more easier pole change and the enemy waters couldnt keep up with our numbers and domination.
Although i would say the first 30 minutes was the worst we have been for a long time as revs were rare, kills to enemy chars were slack and overall not every1 was on their A .

Another 30 mins passed by and not much had changed a few slayers were inside the castle, jack, and anubis really and kept gettin reved to try and kill our pole hitters and waters but we were coping and still in full control, even wid Freaky M trying his best to prove us all wrong xD.

excalibur were solid as usual with DT in full control of containing jack and coot as not many of us can handle them even on a gd day but DT showed them why he is top man, also the work rate or azure, joshhhh, hardcore bradz, lukeo was much appreciated also the archers really made the difference and slayers waters couldnt handle Blaze, winged mist, and helen abucket.

But i have to mention the legendary clan for the usual non stop work rate in controlling the gates, members info, and pure domination of the map which is always expected from one of the top clans consisting of scarface, troubles, lizzy, kubus, shadow ghost and hoang so gd work as usual.

Also alot of members are becoming much stronger in terms of influence and experience with real passion and determination to do well in the guild so great work and improvements for: sirocco, stylish, perthious, jasco, shawn, blejdzik, shawn, lix202, and soul destroyer you guys are the backbone to are success for always being on to help the cause.

A pic of Legendary taking the pole wid a few enemies trying to halt our attempts.

AS i was on my water *Blade* for the first hour of GW didnt see to much happen in terms of action although we was reving alot of ppl but every1 was fighting so alot of casualties were occuring, but the waters did us proud again and kept safe and did their jobs in reving all they can so well done to the waters this week

blade (me) lol, tornado, blezdzik, lizzy, mellow, volcano love, clumsy, true combo, wallace, storekeeper etc well done u did good as i saw you all trying hard.

SO into the last hour of GW and Slayers could feel the fight slipping away by this time i was on *SCARFACE* and the enemies were in trouble now xD, but i had to log my water off but Freaky did a broadcast saying he would leave as Slayers kept talking about womens boobs LMAO so Freaky was out and it was a home straight for us.
But a few new bots were out and some say slayers were auto reving, avoiding hits, and aiming of course to try and give them the edge.

Into the last 30 mins and all logged on there chars and completed their flame lit to get their 12 exp balls sorted and then back into the fight were Troubles was destroying any char that got in her way( lefnaij on her), and clumsy was on the prowl for enemies inside the castle to own ( troubles on her). We managed to push them into retreat and we camped out on the bridge to stop any gate attack.

We also have every1 available on the gates to prevent them with last attempts to win as they were using bombs like they was going out of fashion lol they must of used over 100 HAHAHA.
But the gates were in control of.

The last 5 minutes was a cruise with legendary holding the pole and a few of us gathered around the pole for some celebrating.

The clock ticked down and another GW was victorious and we had easily detained our guild map for another week.

This GW was my 30th in this server as i have done all the GW\'s since the beggining so a hailstone for me xD

We then had some group photos of the ppl that took part and then got fogged and killed lol then reved again haha enjoy.

OK thats all from me this week will try sort next week but might be unavailable hope you enjoy and add your views and thoughts to thnx. Chris

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PostSubject: Re: GW REPORT FOR: 27/2/10   Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:38 pm

[b] Very nice coverage and screen shots but who would expect anything less from you haha.. good job man afro
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PostSubject: Re: GW REPORT FOR: 27/2/10   Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:13 pm

heee I just found out how....pfffff

Welll...I pet myself on the shoulder for it.... Laughing

First of all....Chris....job well done!
Great report.

And it was not possible without our members/allies.....great guildwar!
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PostSubject: Re: GW REPORT FOR: 27/2/10   Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:38 pm

I played on Disturbed this gw as I felt we needed more waters than pole attackers this week. Me and Jasco stayed up most of the night to lvl him to 110 and gear him up for the fight! He is a non reborn and did pretty well at satying alive. I could not get anyone from legend to answer me so DT was nice enough to let me in excal. I made it in the first screenshot ;D Couldnt get back in for the last ones as I had to go revive down by the bridge when killerboy was killed who was doing the rvin down there at the end. But couldnt get back in as legend ended with the pole. It was a very fun gw I missed playin on a water! GZ to all that came and helped! Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: yea   Tue Mar 02, 2010 3:35 pm

its true that waters did a great job! gz for us Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: GW REPORT FOR: 27/2/10   

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GW REPORT FOR: 27/2/10
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