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CO 2.0/Elements/Storm/LegenDary&YGOB. For all members of the best guild in storm to chat, trade, talk about the game and anything u want really.
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PostSubject: THE FORUM RULES!   Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:36 am

English please.

If your speak multiple languages, congratulations, but please, while interacting with the guild wether its ingame or on the forum, english is the official language. If you are not capable of communicating in english, please leave. Thank you.
only joking but the main language used will be english feel free to use any other languages i ur chats but try and keep it simple for all to understand ty.

with that said, please let typos and gramatical errors slide....no one is perfect so dont flame for typos...thats dumb

About Flamming.

Flamming, or putting someone down, or calling people/peoples thoughts or statements names or bieng negative or non constructive or bieng an asshole, should generaly speaking, not be necassary amongst guild members. We are fighting against a common enemy alongside each other and this can be a challenge enough without having to worry about each other aswell. We need to atleast pretend to get along. that is unless someone is actually bieng stupid, in which case, feel free to flame away.

About explicit content.

We dont care what you say or how you say it/show it but the forum we use is only thanks to a free forum board and our rules are only within thier guidines. with that said, i believe profanity is colorful, so feel free to fuckin use it a little bit, but dont let it get offensive too much. and no porn.....sorry guys, but if u think it might be porn, please dont post it...it will be removed and i apologize in advance.

About Guild members only content.

Its in that section for a reason. its kinda like our own little vegas k? if its put there, it stays there...dont be taking screenys of that stuff and posting it elsewhere or talking about stuff like that anywheres besides that section or the in game guild chat please. Violating this rule will result in bieng kicked from the guild, the forum and bieng kosed on all of your chars from now until the end of time.

About the Forum and your responsibility.

The forums's URL is posted on the guild bulliten, it is here where we will decide the direction of the guild, and strategy and guild rules. there will be polls held where you will have the oppertunity to vote on diffrent subjects or even an oppertunity to hold your own polls to see what others think. Im not saying its mandatory to be active, im just saying if your not active and you miss something, dont cry later or wonder wtf is going on. Its YOUR responsibility to inform yourself. Ignorance is no excuse.

About any questions.

This forum is completely editable by any admin...all deputy leaders are given admin access although some of them may or may not be so comfortable with the administrative panel. If you need something fixed, changed deleted or you have any questions about the forum, feel free to ask me. My name is chris, you can pm me and i will recieve an email about your pm, or reach me in game on **ACHILLES**

About Shared CO2 accounts.

Me and my bro (jono) share all of our in game accounts and items, although the vast majority of the time it will be me...chris....on line. If you ever get my bro in game, he is just as fluent w/ the forum as I am and he will also have access to his own admin account. with that said, may i also suggest that if multiple people play your character in the guild, that you get them their own forum account, abiding by the rules that the name should be the same, add a 1 or 2 to the end of the forum name or something, this way each player can represent his own identity and opinion. If you have a better idea, let us know

many thnx chris.
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