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 Basic rules for GW + Basic rules for the guild

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PostSubject: Basic rules for GW + Basic rules for the guild   Sun Feb 21, 2010 2:55 pm

* Dont pk or kill other guildies or allies.
When fighting and killing eachother, dl or me just kick the both who r fighting.
Cause we dont know what really happened.
So, instead of pk'g eachother...go talk with me or a dl and try to solve it.
We got enemies enough outside the guid to make fun with.

* Keep the guildfund positiv!...Plz donate silvers instead of cps.
I really dont know what purpose those cps has....


* When guildwar starts (usually the last two hours)...all waters inside or on the walls.

* Some Pole hitters from excalibur and Legendary inside.

* Like we noticed last few guildwars.....DONT GO AFK DURING GW!
Very annoying for the waters who contstantly have to revive you and a waste
of pots.
When you have something to do...go to TwinCity or go offline inside castle.
Ppl who hang afk all the time during GW...the're gonna be kicked.

* Waters need to keep jumping all the time, to see where someone needs to be
Youre an easy target when you stand or sit still.

* When youre hanging dead the pole or you got no business at the pole...MOVE AWAY
This way you can be easily revived and the pole hitters are seeing what they are

* The ppl who check on the gates or defending them need to say on guildchat when
there almost down...so we're able to fix the gate in time or switch pole.

* And last but not least....................be nice to the guildleader! Rolling Eyes


English Please.
or gtfo

Dont PK Guild Members

Unless they are PK-ing Guild Members. We are many, and almost all of us have put our diffrences aside to fight the enemy at hand. If you havent, consider that the few people u have disagreements with in our guild are better off on our side then on our enemies. We all dont get along perfectly but you are expected to fight together none the less. If there is a problem with our chemistry, it will be removed. This is crucial to our success.

Keep a Positive Guild fund.

ok, this is really dumb. If you are not capable of hunting a met and selling it to cover your portion of the guild finances, then your not commited to us and we dont want you. Be thankfull of the guild fund, it saves your experience when you get pked and helps us with fighting for the pole in Guild Wars. Not maintaining a positive Guild fund is not an option

Donate to Arsenal.

Please as you are in the guild donate your gear to the Arsenal to help the guilds lvl increase so more positiongs are available to the guild and then will improve your BP share into the guild. I understand like my self all my chars share gears so u have to remove them but for gw or around that time get all ur gear in to get the highest Arsenal and then we dont have to spend as much money donating to get the highest bp share in the guild every week/month ty.

Dont Spam the Guild Chat.

Guild chat is reserved strictly for Guild Functions. If your are a repetative abuser of the system, the problem will be forcefully resovled. If you wish to socialize, use friend chat or whisper or talk or msn or exchange phone numbers. If you wish to sell stuff , guild chat can be an appealing option because of the amount of active members, just dont spam it and dont do it often or for stupid shit. use the market, thats what its for. When the guild is actively functioning like during GW or GB or w/e and there are alot of people actually USING guild chat, be efficient w/ ur input and dont be retarded.good comunication can be the diffrence between a victory and a loss.

Express your Loyalty to the guild.

Wether your plvling and you chose a guild member to join to the team over a noob, or helping each other do the experience quests, Put guild members first. we also understand that you may have friends in enemy guilds. You arent obligated to casually pk them whenever possible, but if there is a battle between our guild and an enemies, if you dont help pk them and they pk one of our own, you might as well be pking a guild member. During active Guild functions you are obligated to express your loyalty to your guildies. We do it for you. Your friend will understand that its just a game. If you want to be appart of the guild, do your part or leave.

Dont Mooch.

Dont beg the archers for plvl, ask once nicely and thats it. Dont beg guildies for mets or money. We all worked hard to get where we are at and you can too.

Excluding unforseen circumstances, violation of these rules will result in being removed from the guild.
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Posts : 48
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Join date : 2010-01-19
Age : 27
Location : Netherlands

PostSubject: Re: Basic rules for GW + Basic rules for the guild   Sun Feb 21, 2010 3:01 pm


/locked thread
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Basic rules for GW + Basic rules for the guild
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