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PostSubject: THE WAY TO IMPROVE THE GUILD!   Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:35 pm


OK where to start this is my plan for the future of the Guilds, and overall the server as we all enjoy the game and want to make the server fun for all in an entertaining way.

So my vision is to merge legenDary & eXcalibuR into 1 guild so we all join eXcalibuR and use legenDary as the backup guild, below i will detail the way this will help.

To join the guilds into 1 super guild this will allow no more money to be spent out of the GL's pockets and our own as the Arsenal will be fixed all 10M+ so the arsenal BP will be at its highest so no donating money cps every week/month to get this up. Also with every Arsenal an overlord we will have the max Guild lvl of 9, which will allow us the max postions in the guild. I understand alot of ppl want dl, and Manager but to solve this we would get the DL's to marry the strongest Female chars in the game to open DL spouse, GL spouse, and Manager spouse etc so all in guild will get a BP share in the guild to merge positions to all. Also we will make all the clans to fit the guild to enhance the best bp for all so we can have our teams sorted.

With the guild merged as 1 all the GB and pk warrs donation will go into the same guild meaning the guild fund will always be positive and controlled.

For GW when we all turn up we can all access the guild area inside the castle and all be on the same guild chat to avoid mess ups or any probs before with 2 seperate guilds. So flame lit should not be a problem as you are always available to get in. With this in place the idea of all other chars in the server getting flame lit will be easier managed with 1 gate being open at certain times to let noobs get their flame and leave. With the DL's, and GL's all on that gate to stop enemies if needed.

As the last few weeks have gone by many of you have probably noticed the decrease in enemies due to us overpowering the server now so an enemy invasion is looking less likely to happen in the future but is never possible and with this going on there is a RISK the server will become DEAD & BORING which i do not want to happen.
I have spent alot of time, and money on my char(S) in this server and do not want the server ruined through bad planning and organising on our behalf as we are the dominating guild now and we have a responsibility.

So every GW if we are dominating we should allow all players to get their Flame Lit for free as they are intitled to it no cost, no killing let them get their exp and leave so all are happy, as we win GW they get exp if this does not happen ppl will get annoyed and leave the server which is the last thing i want to happen and am sure u do to.

Well thats my opinion on the guild future GW's and the way forward for us as a guild and the server please feel free to post your ideas, concerns on it and DBL TRBL & TROUBLES have had no input into this so it is not going to happen its just an idea although i dont think we have much choice but we will see.

Thnx for your time and sry about the long message but it does concern every1 and needs to be sorted ASAP. thnx chris (*SCARFACE*)
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PostSubject: Re: THE WAY TO IMPROVE THE GUILD!   Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:40 am

sounds like a good plan bro the server is really dying out and with that forcing them to pay to get flame lit no one really gonna do that. I mean common now they are Noobs lol they not gonna be able to save up 2mil+ each week just for this. There repair money, saving money for better equpment and stuff also. Doing what we did last Gw on that flame lite thingy was just showing how we are overlly powering them and would only make them quit. I say let them lvl and let them get better gears so we can have more people to fight other then ourselves In which has already begaining to happen lately. We are having to much drama with one another within the guild that shouldnt be happening at all...
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PostSubject: Re: THE WAY TO IMPROVE THE GUILD!   Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:54 am

however, since widdow did took some time to came up with an idea to help the guild get cps she might be so down with it if we just toss her idea to the side soo....
what we could do instead of over charging them in Cps. when we marge we could charge them
1 meteor or 100k . this way we can save up Meteor and re sell them for those who might want to buy it in Cp (including ourself) then the market noob will donate what we earn to the guild fund. this way it can help balance out both the economic and gives the begainner a chance.
Meteor drop frequally in the game, so there shouldnt be a reason for them to not being able to find One.
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PostSubject: Re: THE WAY TO IMPROVE THE GUILD!   Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:27 am

It wasn't really my idea as I said this is something the guild that rules dreams server (where a few of us came from) and I was a member of does. Yes this is showing our power to the server and if anyone does want to do this then we shouldn't. As far as price for guild can be free but I would let ppl join so that we know who not to kill at least. Please never think that because you don't use one of my ideas that I'm so full of myself to get mad about that. My only intent is to help the guild in anyway I possible can if I can help great if not at least I put my 2 cents out there. Plz in anyway don't feel obligated to go along mine or anyones else's ideas if you feel it will not benefit us as that is my only goal. Thanks for reading!

oh and p.s. names Willow or Jenny either is fine with me ;D
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PostSubject: Re: THE WAY TO IMPROVE THE GUILD!   Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:59 pm

Sorry but I can't disagree more with you...
1, Double or troubles will waste a FORTUNE on the guild that they upped...
2, We will have MAJURE problems during gw since we cant switch pole
3, Less bp for everyone cuz we got more ppl in. only the higher lvld ppl can take it
4, we got a HUGE overpowered guild then...
5, Why would we want to get stronger if its going absolutely perfect as it is?
6, cps amount stink... we all know that... if you want a big cps amount just got buy dbs... thats what i do. you cant expect alot of cps from guildbeast and shit... too many members

I couldnt disagree more on this idea, im sorry dude, thnx for the effort but i say:

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